Automaker Porsche has introduced a new waterpipe, Shisha an instrument mainly used to burn tobacco. This instrument will be only sold from Porsche outlets all over the world.

The outstanding design of Shisha from Porche is an example of great combination of best quality material like, aluminum, stainless steel and glass with the ageless and distinctive design approach of the lavish brand. The instrument is prepared in Germany and is of 55 cms (21.7 inches) long. This instrument is completed with an aluminum steel plate from Prosche fixed on top and the rest is made up pf TecFlex material.

Over the years Porsche Design World group has always come up with exclusively designer items. Apart from the Shisha the collection consists of chopsticks, a tea and soup set and a few stylish objects such as a coat, polo shirt and a silk scarf.

Porsche Design is an extravagant product range with a special focus on highly inspired items. In the year 1972, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche successfully established the brand Porsche Design. The brand comprise of the items that combines qualities like usefulness, ageless and perfectionist design, characterised by their mechanical innovation. The merchandise collection further comprise of beautiful watches, sunglasses, baggage, electronic equipments, a men’s perfume range as well as sports goods and a fashion collection for both the sexes. All these products under this range are designed at the Porsche Design Studio located in Zell am See (Austria) and can be easily purchased from any Porsche store across the globe. The company also owns exclusive store, malls and sometime offer retail outlets so that no prospective customer faces trouble in reaching his/her preferred product.

The Shisha is presently offered exclusively at the Porsche Design store inside of Harrods division store in London. It will finally be available for the world wide prospective customers on sale from the end of July this year.

–Kreation Guru


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