Renault Upgrades Wind Gordini

Renault wind roadster gordini Renault Upgrades Wind Gordini

Renault wind roadster gordini 1 Renault Upgrades Wind Gordini

Renault wind roadster gordini 3 Renault Upgrades Wind Gordini

Renault UK has decided to expand their business by releasing more sophisticated cars which must be fuel economic, performance based and energy efficient. After the successful introduction of Twingo RS and Clio RS, the company has put much emphasis on the upgradation of cars. For example, Wind Gordini variant has been tuned by a team of experts. This car is equipped with a number of devices and car upgradation accessories like easy to care engine, automatic transmission, the dampers, carbon diffuser and the exhaust system. The UK market will definitely give scope to buyers to purchase this new car model at competitive prices.

So far as the engine specifications are concerned, there are two types of powertrains like the 1.6-liter 133HP and 1.2-liter capacitated TCE 100HP. This new vehicle is fast in running without dampening nature. According to experts, Malta Blue color is very much impressive and gorgeous. This car looks marvelous due to the mind blowing color contrast and ultra-modern design. There are also other colors like pearl black and icy white for painting the exterior texture of the car. The 17 inch wheelbases are marvelous and durable as well. The tire bands provide excellent traction. There are suspension dampers which suck the shock to ensure better car movement.

Inside the car compartment, there are street nav systems, odometer and speedometer. The climate controlling device is user-friendly and fantastic in design. The retractable car seats with reclining features offer comfort and warmth to car passengers. The front windshields with washers are properly fixed. Besides, the negative camber of the car wheelbases form better angles to help the car operators to face the corners, twists and turns of narrow lanes competently. Cowl shake at the front is absolutely unavailable whereas drag-in engine co-efficiency level is dramatically low. Renault has also launched few cost effective car upgradation tools like Renaultsport exhaust system which is on the sale for £450. Wind deflecting attachment inclusive of blue colored inserts will be available for £200.

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