Giant Indian carmaker Tata Motors Ltd. is going to unveil its four-wheeler cusp Tata Aria-MPV, shortly. Tata Motors is ready to launch a cheaper version of Tata Aria MPV. This cheaper 4×2 version has a reduced price tag, which is the main unique selling point of this Tata Aria variant. So will the new variant be the same as it was before? Let’s find out!

No doubt Tata Motors is going to bring about certain changes in its newest variant, 4×2. 4×2 is a forward-facing maneuver drive variation of Tata Aria. This new cool Aria will not feature “Adapterra”! Moreover the upcoming variant will have 4×4 badges embedded on its verges and the rear door! These are the noticeable changes which everybody will get to make out just at the first glimpse.

So, what’s the real deal? Yes, the reduced price tag! And the price tag is cool enough to melt the ice. According to sources, this Tata Aria 4×2 version will supposedly be available in the market at odd 1.5 lakhs cheaper price than the previous variety, Tata Aria 4×4. However at the inception this cool baby will not probably be available in different alternatives of Tata Aria like Pleasure, Prestige, and Pride. It is rumored that Tata Aria 4×2 will be offered in the marketplace merely in dual sordid variants, which are Prestige & Pleasure.

Car dealers across India have by now in full swing for the booking for the fresh Tata Aria-4×2. So why delay? Contact your nearby traders out and get it booked for yourself. However although the official price tag will be declared shortly, the reservation sum for Aria 4×2 is mere 50grands. For you kind information the production of new Tata Aria has already been underway. So don’t just drool over it, just hit the store or contact dealers to get you an all new Tata Aria 4×2.

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