The much talked about JK 8 unveiled

JK 8 Mopar 1 The much talked about JK 8 unveiled

To redesign the Wrangler, JK 8 kit was uncovered in Moab Jeep Safari for all its prospective customers. The kit includes a steel bed, inner and outer accessories, sports bar applications, freedom panel meeting parts, fiber glassed roof top and large front head. These accessories in the kit, will help you in designing your Wrangler Jeep and add that special personal touch you have always pined for. So its time now, to redesign your already existing four – door Jeep Wrangler into a double – door high performance truck with the assistance from the JK kit. This kit is available at a comfortable price of $ 5, 499, and may be purchased through the dealers.

The company has promised to provide special service facility to those who will own the kits. As far as the product service is concerned, the company offering a warranty period of three long years at 36,000 milled drive. The company spokes person termed this innovation as “expert –do it-themselves” kit.

Mopar JK8 Structure joint Kit includes, the following mentioned below; (All components are available in one entire kit)

Liberty sheet: strand glassed sheet over front seats.

Solid top: constructed from fiberglass, this solid crest can be detached and features a descending back window.

Wall: The partition for the kit is made of fiberglass and splits the cab from the cot of the automobile, and everlastingly joins to the medium.

Couch: The roomy 44-inch by 50-inch couch for absolute comfort and also confirms the tough steel body structure.

Internal/External cot sheet: cot sections are imprinted sheet metal and they offer toughness and apt functioning

Sport wing addition: New addition of the sporty wings complements the look and feel of the vehicle.

Thus the wrangler admirer may choose from all these available accessories and redesign his jeep as per his taste and style.

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