The new 2012 Opel Combo launched

2012 Opel Combo The new 2012 Opel Combo launched

Some great news from the Opel manufacturers, their all new model Opel Combo will be present in passengers’ car edition. This new edition is inspired by the Doblo van from Fiat. The model has been redesigned and to make it appear more tempting, the exterior has been reworked with new stylish features and fine accessories, so as to make it more appealing to the prospective customers.

The earlier models of the van, were equipped with very similar features of Corsa, such as the two models shared same platform, inside features and body structure. It was in 2010 when the two companies, the Fiat and Opels came jointly and took some decisions. It was then decided over an agreement that the commercial vehicles will be provided by the Fiats, which also include the Combo van for Opel.

Now as per the agreement, Fiats will provide a array of combo models. The group van will be offered with a choice of double based wheels of 2,755mm or 3,105 mm long in size. The total size of this van will be 4.39 and 4.74 mts in size and the height of the vehicle would be 1.85 or 2.10m, depending on the size and model.

According to the manufacturers the subsequent model with short – wheel base will also be available for its prospective customers. This edition will have a capacity of 3,800 liters of load space if the seats are folded and placed on the base platform of the car. While the short wheelbase supports 3,800 liters , the extended wheel based edition will support upto 4,600 liters of cargo in the similar situation. This traveler van edition will be available as a small van with five or seven seating capacity.

The new upgraded van from Opel will have a bright hued external body. The very stylish vehicle will be largely used for office pick up and drop services. The new van will be available in Europe during the autumn sale.

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