The new Subaru WRX promises to be nothing like its 2012 variant!

2014 subaru wrx The new Subaru WRX promises to be nothing like its 2012 variant!

After years of experimenting with the Impreza series, more than often failing to win the hearts of their trusted customers, Subaru has come up with a brand new WRX which will be introduced in 2014. This model is in an entirely different league altogether, they say and be a separate sports coupe from the Impreza range. However, the 2012 variant and the new WRX will continue to share a platform, with a slightly shortened wheelbase for the latter that allows faster and more precise turn-in. The model has been designed keeping the races in mind and hence, issues concerning the weight of the car have been taken special care of and the rally-proven AWD system has been added to this sports coupe to bring a magnificent racer to life!

The 2014 model will likely be powered by a 1.6 liter turbocharged boxer unit with approximately 270 PS. Racing enthusiasts are sure to be glad for this powerhouse belting out at 266 bhp. Interestingly, Subaru is also continuing works on a twin-charged supercharger system.

The body of the car is expected to look slightly bigger than a Yaris and the tread width is said to have expanded significantly. This new beast is claimed to be unforgiving on bumpy road surfaces and most enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for this variant to hit the rallies. What is obvious from the new makeover is that Subaru is obviously hoping to race back into the WRC with its brain child.

The Impreza however will remain the core model, showcasing a naturally aspirated 2.0 liter boxer engine. Interior spaces and comfort levels have been maximized and the wheelbase has been lengthened, quite contrary to what has been done to its separated mate, the WRX.

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