Vilner revises Infiniti crossovers’ traveler space

Vilner infiniti 4 Vilner revises Infiniti crossovers’ traveler space

Vilner infiniti 6 Vilner revises Infiniti crossovers’ traveler space

Vilner infiniti 1 Vilner revises Infiniti crossovers’ traveler space

Vilner, designed by Bulgarian engineers has been highly appreciated for its plenty of cabin space. The passengers can travel in complete comfort and luxury seating arrangement. The makers have shown their talents in other car models, and now they have begun working on the crossovers from Infiniti.

After thorough research, the Vilner experts worked on the interior designing of all time favorite EX 37 and FX 37 models. They then came up with a far more modified version of yatch styled model.

The company spokes person suggested that the perfected version of the yatch model is ready for all adventure freaks across the world. The special upgraded model is equipped with features sporty features. Even in the adventure trips the passengers experienced a safe and comfortable journey. The body of the sports car is very strong; it has been further perfected with chromium sheeted steering wheel. To make it appear a high priced vehicle, the large part of the interior has been covered with the very exclusive and highly priced fabric Amaretta. Other additions like the carefully positioned video flex add an extra look to the model. The stunning look balanced with power puffed features and lavish interior space absolutely charms all adventure freaks.

The new, redesigned adventure sporty version Infiniti FX 37 have very little or all most no changes from its earlier models. The Vilner researchers have consciously made very little modifications so that the change does not affect the original characteristics of the model. Instead the upgraded feature provides more leg space and a lavish passenger area for a very comfortable trip. Among the few addons like the, ceiling, the front and the rear parts are covered with the very expensive leathers from Nappa designers. The usage of apt exclusive and expensive accessories helps in redefining luxury, comfort and power.

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