2012 Volkswagen to introduce faux- crossover Passat

Volkswagen crosspassat big1 2012 Volkswagen to introduce faux  crossover Passat

Car market is buzzing with news, not sure whether a simple gossip rumor or in real, that researchers from Volkswagen have decided to launch a new model. This new edition will be high performance, power puffed new generation car, a redesigned version of European Passat. This car according to the plans of the manufacturers will be unveiled in the forthcoming Motor Sow about to hold in Frankfurt.

Among the new features of this car model, first includes the body or the elevated chassis and includes usage of lusterless dark paneling encircling the car from bottom. The new wheels used in this version wide in structure. Reports suggest that this car was manufactured and tested in Germany. This model is further perfected with the Volkswagen’s standard four wheel drive machinery, powered with the 2.0 liter TDI producing 125 Kw/ 170ps finally the 2.0 TFSI with 155 KW/211 PS

Volkswagen designers spent along time experimenting with this vehicle model and then came up with the perfect one. The look of the car is inspired by other earlier Cross editions manufactured by the same company, such as the Polo, or the Golf Plus versions. It has further lifted its appearance and features from the German based Skoda Octavia Scout model. In-depth research on car mechanism thus helped them to re structure this model with perfect protective plastic suites patterned all around the base part of the car’s body.

All these information about this upcoming car edition is available all over the internet, but till date there has been no official announcement from the company’s part. Therefore, often this information is being rejected as a rumor. Thus the car connoisseurs hope that the makers mind any day surprise them with this unusual car model by launching it in an extraordinary style, in some big event.

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