2011 Eterniti Hemera – More Fuel Economic

Eterniti Hemera Announced 2011 Eterniti Hemera – More Fuel Economic

Frankfurt Motor exhibition will be more glamorous as Eterniti Hemera one-off concept car will be displayed at the motor show. Eterniti Hemera is a technically upgraded car with excellent powertrain device. The outer and inner portions of the car cabin have been well taken care of by specialists.

In a brief submitted by the company’s secretary, it has been stated that the car is very eco-friendly and fuel economic. This is the vehicle which is fully dynamic and attractive. The car compartment has been tuned perfectly utilizing the modern technology. The glass insulated windows and frontal silhouette are excellent. The glass shield protects the cockpit of the car from the weather roughness. The sophisticated car is also equipped with car upgradation accessories. Retractable car seats are flexible. The leather upholsteries are durable.

There are other excellent features of this concept car. If you check the Eterniti Hemera variant, you will find that the modern road mapping and monitoring devices have been used to increase the efficiency of the street navigation system. The odometer is the sophisticated distance measurement tool which has been installed into the car compartment. There are other car tuning accessories like tachometer, speedometer and infotainment system which have also been properly installed to upgrade the efficiency of the car.

The carbon reduction process is marvelous. Dampers are capable of collecting shock and preventing the excess road friction to ensure better car movement. Car wheels are properly set to the base platform of the car. It is fuel economic and it can rush at high speed. The car has very low tendency to spew black carbon in the form of fume.

There is no structural deformity in the car. Nor is there any risk of facing technical fault as special care is taken to upgrade the technical features for heightening the competency level of the vehicle.

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