2011 Lamborghini Ankonian Concept 2011 LAMBORGHINI ANKONIAN CONCEPT UNVEILED

The all new Lamborghini Ankonian concept car is stunningly designed. The car has been stylized by the famous car designer Slavche Tanevski who is also a member of the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project. This new concept is finally named after a famous black haired bull the image of the bull has been continuously used by the Lamborghini institution of bovine identification.

Among the usual stylish supercars, this Ankonian is the most aggressive version of the famous Lamborghini Reventon. The car is perfectly designed with special features and makes it ideal as a tourist vehicle. The special supercar look of the devise was created via a amalgamation of soft and sharp lines. Inspired highly by the already existing model Reventon, the main aim of this concept car is to be forceful and sophisticated at the same time. All in all, a far more compact model than its predecessors.

Since the idea has been generated, the makers took almost six long months to complete the Lamborghini Ankonian creation. Initially the design was crafted with the use of mud molding over the fresh CAD sculpting process. The project took longer than usual assignments. It could be finally completed by joining hands with the famous designers from Audi and Lamborghini. Finally the concept car was ready to hit the roads. The new Lamborghini Ankonian is sure to impress the car lovers by its power-puff performance and polished design.

As far as the designing language is considered, this new car has successfully taken the Lamborghini Reventon style to the next level. To make it appear more aggressive and elegant, the car has been designed in triangular shape. The usage of color combinations like shiny black and matt dark grey has added to the polished appearance of the car. Thus it can be perfectly used as the Batmobile in the next batman film.

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