2012 Land Rover Defender – Futuristic Car with New Upgradation Tools

2012 Land Rover Defender 1 2012 Land Rover Defender   Futuristic Car with New Upgradation Tools

In modern days, a new tendency among car tuners is deeply felt. The technical revolution has influenced the auto industry to a great extent. People are now doing their best to buy the cost effective, eco-friendly and more fuel economic cars which have the complete car upgradation system. 2012 Land Rover Defender is the concept model which has gone through a major technical modification.

Every engine has been updated and improved installing new car upgradation tools. At the Frankfurt Motor show, the one-off vehicle of Land Rover has been displayed for publicity and demonstration.

The carbon emission process has been kept under control due to stick to EU5 air pollution prevention act. The new 2.2 liter capacitated turbo diesel powertrain performs excellently. However the old oil burner has been re-installed. This conventional oil burner was found in 2011 MY Defender model. The torque generating capacity of the concept model is excellent. 360 NM torque is generated at the rate of 3500 rpm.

The futuristic car will have DPF or diesel particulate filtering device. This type of diesel particulate filter is more helpful to low the carbon emission rate. NOx and CO gas emit in low percentage. The overall performance of the car is really a matter of attraction. The drag-in engine co-efficiency rate is really good as it increases the swiftness of the car movement.

The top speed of the car is 90 mph comparing to 82 mph in past. GFT MT 82 6-speed gearbox has been inserted into the car cabin for ensuring better performance. The overall structural elegance of the car is really appreciable. Defender model for 2012 is more workable and properly tuned.

The cool air inside the car compartment is good for health. The air circulating machine has been properly installed into the cockpit of the car. Besides, the electronic infotainment system, the properly upgraded odometer for distance measurement, the speedometer, the street navigation system and other car upgradation accessories have been kept in order for bringing perfection to the car upgradation process.

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