2012 Mercedes SLK 250 CDI Upgraded with 7G-TRONIC PLUS

2012 Mercedes SLK 250 CDI 2 2012 Mercedes SLK 250 CDI Upgraded with 7G TRONIC PLUS

2012 Mercedes SLK 250 CDI 2012 Mercedes SLK 250 CDI Upgraded with 7G TRONIC PLUS

Mercedes SLK 250 CDI will be handed over to the next generation by 2012. This car model is still under experiments. In a press release, one of the spokespersons of the company has told reporters that this theme car will have 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission which will perform excellently to supply torque to ensure the rapid increase of rpm rates.

Mercedes SLK 250 CDI offers 204 horsepower along with 500 NM torque. The over-all performance of the car is undoubtedly up to the mark. The vehicle will have a competent powertrain which will be in activation after pushing the start button inside the car.

The car is also fuel economic and energy efficient. This roadster has been tuned in special way to increase the speed and lower the technical difficulties. As per the claims of the experts, the new car model has the low tendency to spew carbon in the form of gas/fume. Carbon is harmful to the human life. 128 gm carbon is released after covering one kilometer. This car runs at high speed with the sprinting format ranging from 0-100 km within the timeframe of 6.7 seconds. The approximate speed of this vehicle is 243 Km/h.

The car is also upgraded with a number of sophisticated car tuning tools like the hi-tech dampers, struts, drive-train, accelerators, and exhaust tubes. In addition, this vehicle is also supported with eco-friendly carbon diffuser inclusive of the highly sophisticated powerplant to generate torque.

So far as the fuel consumption is concerned, this vehicle requires 4.9 liter diesel to cover the distance of 100 km. Therefore low fuel consumption is an advantage to operate this vehicle. The car wheels are rimmed with tire bands which are not wimpy and breakable. The rubber tire bands provide good traction to ensure excellent car movement without showing inclination towards skidding.

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