lotus exige s type 72 100302294 l 2012 NEW CAR ON THE BLOCK: FROM LOTUS

A decade after Lotus had launched its first coupe; it has declared that those would be the last models in the Elise and Exige models. This basically meant that Evora was the only model Lotus was left with. Nevertheless, it was recently brought to our notice that Lotus is all set to make a new version, to replace their original coupe. Currently the Exige that is available is usually coupled with Toyota’s 1.8L four-cylinder which has 243 horsepower.

However, the Exige that the company is working on presently is found in the Evora with 3.5L V-6 and has 267 horsepower. This bit of information has been revealed thanks to the spy shots of the car. Giving the amount of technology and the demands of the modern day car, the old model must have a number of upgrades. The spy shots of the car have revealed that it would grow in length and track. This car would also be the first one of its kind of offer the automatic gearbox. One cannot be sure, though, if the new model would be released in the US or not.

Hogging the limelight at the moment is the Espirit supercar, to be released in 2013. It is the first one of the five sports car line-up. This includes cars like the Elise and Elan, which have been completely revamped for the occasion. The pictures of the car that have been flashed across the internet look deliciously tempting. One can hardly wait to see when the newest version of the Exige from the house of Lotus would grace the auto shows, and marvel at the price that might be tagged along with it. Official reports claim that the car would be out in the market by the next year i.e. 2012. Well till then, let’s just keep our fingers crossed. Right?

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