2012 Volkswagen Up! On the Roads

2012 volkswagen up 2 2012 Volkswagen Up! On the Roads

2012 volkswagen up 3 2012 Volkswagen Up! On the Roads

2012 volkswagen up 4 2012 Volkswagen Up! On the Roads

2012 volkswagen up 6 2012 Volkswagen Up! On the Roads

The 2012 Volkswagen up! has been unveiled. Nicknamed the “small car concept”, it is set to be launched in December in the European markets. Germany, we here is the lucky country first. Car enthusiasts across the world have already been posting pictures and blogging entries about the car that would be offered in three variations: trend, comfort and high.

Already getting labeled as the ‘next great small thing’, up! scores points for having a city emergency breaking and would be able to sense an about-to-occur collision and can intervene, by setting of the auto alert brakes.

While from the outside the car looks cramped, the inside is spacious and there is ample room to fit comfortable in. there is even a cargo room! The car is 3.45 meters long, 1.64 meters wide and 1.48 meter tall, with a wheelbase of 2.42 meter. This statistics would tell the buyers that the Volkswagen up! has enough space to accommodate a nuclear family.

Wonders of modern technology have even installed a map and more system, topping it off with a portable mobile navigation device. Common sense has also been applied, for the cars are also installed with boxes. The three boxes are for kids, travel and the city box. It seems to be the dream car of those families who love to drive to down to spend their holidays together for one day or more.

The vital stats of the car are 1.oL three cylinder gasoline that has BlueMotion technology and auto start/stop system. But a natural gas system is also available with 67 horsepower.

This car is the newest entrée for the Volkswagen brand, being the coming of age car. Car enthusiasts, who are loyal to this brand, have been waiting no doubt for it. We only hope that the company keeps its promises when December comes…

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