2014 Ford Focus RS – More Dynamic in Design with Eco-Friendly Features

2014 Ford Focus RS 2 2014 Ford Focus RS   More Dynamic in Design with Eco Friendly Features

Gunnar Herrmann is considered to be the most valuable architect of building the Ford’s C-segment platform to bring new modification to the car upgradation program. Ford feels proud of handing over the task of car upgradation to Gunnar Herrmann who has highlighted the specific areas of interest. According to him, he likes to use the sophisticated aerodynamic style to increase the aesthete of the car. He is busy of doing his best to reconstruct and re-build new concept vehicles which will be different from the previous doppelgangers. For instance, 2014 Ford Focus RS is a futuristic car with three door option. The hatchback with rear boot lid system is noticeable. However, Gunnar Herrmann is also very happy to announce that he has been empowered to supervise the Ford Focus car upgradation process. 2.0 liter capacitated turbo charged engine is really powerful and fuel economic. More stress has been applied to ensure the acceleration of the performance level via car modification and tuning programs with competency.

The headlamps are capable of offering the excellent nocturnal street navigation process. The car is also made more attractive and highly glamorous by installing the car tuning accessories like odometer, speedometer, and tachometer. The street nav system is more competent and energy efficient. Drive train package is more functional comparing that of previous model. Better emphasis has been paid to upgrade the technical modification and upgradation of the powertrain package. The car wheels are durable with tire bands in perfect order to provide better traction.

Dampers are well built to collect the shock and prevent friction. The metallic struts are also present in the car upgradation kit. The frontal part of the car is also properly tuned by attaching lamp bezels, the bumpers, air inlets and trapezoidal grilles. There is also an air flap device with to ensure the constant airflow into the car compartment. Retractable car seats provide comfort and coziness to the car passengers. There is no cowl shake at the front as engineers have tested the car cabin hundred times before the completion of the car upgradation process.

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