A Ukrainian Story: 2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry1 A Ukrainian Story: 2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry 11 A Ukrainian Story: 2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry 61 A Ukrainian Story: 2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry 21 A Ukrainian Story: 2012 Toyota Camry

After the very successful debut of the North American 2012 Toyota Camry, the company is making its changes to the mid-sedan for its launch in the rest of the world. The first version of the car that is going to be launched in other surrounding markets including Russia is the Ukrainian market.

As we know, some of the cars that that are brought to the market are modified before being launched in other parts of the world. This is done keeping in mind the various demands of cars across the world. While in most countries cars are left-hand driven, there are some countries which are an exception to that. This very simply rule forces the world renowned companies to have to make different models for the same car.

Both iterations of the 2012 Toyota Camry share the same body and platform. However, the Ukrainian model sports a more prominent and different front-end design. It also has a hood, grille and front fenders.

The profile of the car was kept the same, but at the rear of the car, Toyota’s designer’s extended the tail lamps and also restyled the deck lid. This now is seen to be found in the car to have a subtle lip.

The changes on the inside have been found to be just a region specific trim, and color options. The car also comes with a different glove box design.

The new Toyota Camry would be found in the stores in and around the Ukraine with a 2.5L four-cylinder and 3.5L six-cylinder gasoline engines. The car is priced at US $33, 050 as its starting amount.

The car blogs and automobile watchers have promised to find out more information about the car before the end of this year. So keep your eyes and ears open for any new information!

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