Bentley Continental GT gets tuned by IMPERIUM

Bentley Continental GT by Imperium Bentley Continental GT gets tuned by IMPERIUM

Imperium automotive, an Edinburgh based car tuning company which is known widely for tuning luxury cars to the owner’s satisfaction, has tuned a one-off Bentley Continental GT, for a UK entrepreneur.

Considering the high cost of Bentley Continental GT, it doesn’t come as a surprise as many of the car tuner companies offer services to customize their car to provide it a more personalized feel.

Car tuning today has turned from a hobby to an industry wherein an automobile be it small as a bike or scooter or big as a luxury car is modified to enhance its performance or appearance that conforms to the need of the owner. Most of the vehicles are manufactured keeping in mind the average customer’s expectations, tastes and conditions and this is the reason why some customer’s do not always get satisfactory results and go for a tuning company for customization. Proper tuning may also result in fuel efficiency which is associated to monetary benefits in the long run.

Imperium design house is one such example of a company rendering tuning services. It has recently developed a customized one – off Bentley Continental upon request of a wealthy UK entrepreneur.

The exteriors of the Imperium GT have got a re-designed apron upgrades on the front and rear, carbon side skirts and carbon fiber diffuser at the rear. The re design is complemented with a perfect finish and fit.

Black forged alloy wheels have been incorporated as other substantial enhancements to the appearance of the vehicle. Continental GT has got a performance boost with a more effective braking system, lowered sport suspension, an ECU upgrade and a robust custom exhaust system.

The interiors have been fully customized with use of leather seats and use of wood and carbon frames.

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