BMW: An Affordable Family Car?!?!

BMW is Preparing the Future I4 and I5 BMW: An Affordable Family Car?!?!

Let’s be honest: how many times did you stare at the BMW displayed at the car store, but tore your eyes away since it wasn’t affordable or feasible? We will bet it has been quite a number of times. So in case, BMW has been your dream car, you just might be lucky. The i sub-brand of BMW which already had the i-3 and i-8 in the market, has announced two more concepts: the i-4 and the i-5.

Whilst the i-4 would be based off the same architecture of the i-3, and follow its power train, the i-5 would follow suit with the i-8. Another basic difference that was brought to our notice was that i-4 would be the usual two-seater and a sporty car; the i-5 would be a four-seater. Which basically means, unlike the usual two door BMW, this would be the first in the i sub brand series to be a family car. It has also been announced that the makers of BMW would like to have one affordable car in this series, at least within the next five to six years. While there have been details about the i-4, ardent followers of the BMW have hardly found anything noteworthy about the i-5. Both the cars have been billed to be built by the similar materials used for their predecessors.

The current estimate of the i-8 is $100,000. The makers are hoping to bring it down for the latest version, of the concept car they have come up with. The whole i-philosophy’s explanation has been vided about, in the BMW blog. The information that we do have is that the current i-car can reach a 400 lb-ft of torque when torbo’d 1.5L. Even though BMW lovers are excited about this car, rumor has it that it would not be seen in the market until much later, down the years.

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