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HENNESSEY STR600 TURBO was upgraded from the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherohee SRT8. It is made by the Bulgarian Design studio Vilner. The company’s first work can be traced back to October 2010. The car boasts of 620 horsepower, 650 torques and 0-60 in 3.4 seconds! It is said to have 11.9 second 1.4 mile time.

The modified version of the Jeep Grand Cherohee has an engine V8, and is equipped with a turbo system “Vortech”. It boasts of being the world’s quickest SUV. The BREMBO brakes and HPE specialty wheels gives it the added edge over other cars. The interior is made of premium leathers. Vilner was helped by experts to modify this SUV. The latest design has the color red dominating. The black Alcantara material became the new color for the skin of the car. The steering wheel was made for a more flat base, in order to suit the needs of the owner’s personal preference. The noteworthy exterior changes made were the addition of the new headlamps that can incorporate LED daytime running lights.

The reviewers who have taken this car out for a test drive have been quoted to say, “You cannot touch the car” and “it smells extremely of leather.” True, that the leather interiors makes the car something more than just an ordinary car. This car is available in the market for $76,440. However, everything that this car has offered, is available in the market for a much lower price. Therefore, has not really managed to carve a niche for itself in the world market. Perhaps, the next time when Vilner is trying to revamp a car, we would think about the average car purchaser and not merely a collector. The whole new avatar in red and black as well, did not attract many buyers.

–Kreation Guru


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