876551bb67fd8cc8183daed664085ce5 thumb INDIA’S OWN DIRT BIKE!

Dictionary defines a dirt bike or a trail bike as a lightweight motorcycle designed for use on rough surfaces, such as dirt roads or trails. A dirt bike, then, would be the ideal for the Indian roads. It was in June that Hero Motor Corp had announced the launch of three new two-wheelers. Amongst them, was a dirt bike, now known as the Honda NXR 150 Bros. This bike is yet to arrive in the Indian market.

However, on the 1st of August, a bike (whose body was completely covered) was spotted being tested. Speculations by experts confirm that it could be the Honda NXR 150 Bros that has already been launched in the markets of other countries. The Brazilian version of the bike can run on both gasoline and ethanol. Due to its low maintenance, rugged built and amazing performance, the bike has gained favor in the Brazilian market. Undoubtedly the bike is sure to create raves across the Indian market for its easy handling, and its ideal built for the Indian roads.

The bike’s profile boasts of having a 149.2 cc OHC engine and 13.8 BHP of maximum power and 13.6 Nm torque. The Indian model would definitely get a makeover, suiting our needs. For example: the saree guard, RVMs and the mud guard, specifications that are not quite required by bikes that are used abroad. Other features that the Honda NXR 150 Bros boasts of are the warning lights for fuel malfunction, fuel gauge and turn indicators. Bike enthusiasts across India are definitely wondering whether the bike has finally arrived at a store near them! It is due to the partnership of Motor Corps with Honda, this bike comes to India. The deal expires in 2014. Till then, Honda is supposed to provide bike models to Motor Corps.

–Kreation Guru


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