iRacer To Greet The World at EcoVelocity

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Makers of the iRacer, EVCUP, plan on bringing their electric car to the world during London’s Battersea power station which would show off low carbon motor cars. It would be going on from the 8th of September till the 11th of September.

The urban environment demands that we use cleaner and greener cars, and then the makers of the iRacer believe that it would be very morally boosting for us to have this car in our midst. It helps to show us exactly what is needed in this already over polluted environment of ours. Thus, the EVCUP managing director Sylvain Filippi has been quoted to say that the company is very excited to chip in to their contribution of a cleaner and greener earth.

The iRacer is supposed to be running at 600V. The final performance is supposed to be sub 5 seconds, 0-60mph, and a top speed of electronically limited to 110mph.

This car had been designed especially for the track, an electric racing car. This completes the sports EV category for the EVCUP series.

This car would make its mark first in the EVCUP events that will take place in the United States. This starts from the 15th of November. Two races have been scheduled for California as well.

The first race would be held at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the 26th of November. The auto club Speedway is supposed to hold the second event which has tentative dates on the 17th of December.

There are no real details about the car available, though fans have posted their speculations in all the leading car information sites. There is barely any real information about the car besides it aiming to an eco friendly one.

The news is that the EVCUP organizers have planned a full season for the 2012 season.

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