Jaguar to release the successor to the famed E –type soon

JAGUAR E –type Jaguar to release the successor to the famed E –type soon

There has been a lot of excitement and speculation in the past years about Jaguar’s plans to build and launch a successor to its famous E-type model which was hugely popular during the 1960s and 1970s. There is heartening news for the car lovers that the Jaguar will release a model inspired by the E type in the next year. The news has been reported by the weekly car magazine Autocar.

Autocar has also reported that Jaguar, which has recently been acquired by Tata motors, has shown its determination to bring back the magic of the 70’s of it’s iconic mode. Experts also believe that this move of Tata Motors might also be aimed to challenge the rival Porsche’s new release of Boxster.

Sources from inside the company have reportedly said that the new Jaguar model , which is codenamed XE , might not be having the classic retro look and feel as many might expect, but it will be redesigned and crafted according to the contemporary tastes and fashion while retaining the classy touch of the iconic model.

Further reports say that the brand new model XE will be launched as a concept in the forthcoming coveted Frankfurt Motor Show which is scheduled to be held on September this year. The production is expected to begin at the Castle Bromwich next year. The initial version is expected to be a road version while the coup version may be on the way following it to compete with the market.

The new Jaguar release will have the powerful V6 engines, whose specifications might vary with the model version of the automobile. The engine will be more efficient, turbocharged and the emission efficiency will also be improved to lower it further.

The name of the model, which is being called as XE till now, is not yet finalized.

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