The Ford Focus Electric that had made its debut in the Detroit Auto Show in 2011, is not going to be coming to most of the markets until Spring 2012. But before you let the waves of disappointment come crashing over you, let us just tell you that if you happen to reside in New York or California, then you are the lucky ones! These have been chosen to be the only two states that initially get a taste of the environment friendly car.

The Ford Focus Electric claims to run on lithium ion powered batteries that are better than the ones used by other cars. The car dealers have decided that the rest of the initial nineteen markets would get a taste of this car in the spring of 2012. Officials have even confirmed this piece of news. David Finnega, Ford’s electrified marketing manager, has been quoted as saying that they are planning to concentrate only in the markets of New York and California, at the start. Later on, of course, the dealers in the other states would be handed the environment friendly car. The car not only boasts of being gas free, but is also hands free. It comes with advanced technology like voice guide navigation, keyless start and stop system. Six air bags have also been installed in car, so that all the passengers are kept of harm’s way, in case it does come their way.

Only time would tell us, exactly what the car would turn out to be like. The majority of car enthusiasts, who had been looking forward to this car, have become disappointed due its late release in the market. Car bloggers have vocally expressed their desire to get their hands on this car. We simply hope that it lives up to the expectations it has raised in all of us, when it does become available, come Spring 2012.

–Kreation Guru


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