ATS sketch PEEK A BOO!

The Cadillac ATS finally had its first official picture to grace the net, although the picture is not as clear as the ones eagerly waiting for this car would have hoped for. Rumored to be the rival of BMW 3 series rival, the Cadillac ATS is finally about be available in the market. If the sources are to be believed, then the first official unveiling would take place in the fall of 2012, and the model would be labeled for 2013. This 5 series Cadillac ATS is predicted to make the company back on the market, with its four cylinder engine and twin turbo V8, which would provide 380 hp.

The silhouetted black picture of the car already has car enthusiasts all over the world drooling over it. Experts believe that the small car revolution would be revisited, thanks to the launch of Cadillac ATS. Previously, the Cadillac CTS received positive reviews from the entire world over. The ATS might as well be the trump to card to put the company on the map. The Germans are finally going to be given a run for their money, if the American company is able to price their car correctly. T

he websites that have already flashed the news and declare the Cadillac ATS (this the codename, by the way) would indeed replace the BMW 3 series, already have members fighting with one another, trying to decide which among the two cars would ultimately wear Apollo’s laurel. Since the car would be production from late next year, one can hope that the official unveiling of the car would either occur in November’s Los Angeles Auto show or January’s Detroit Auto show. Either way, car lovers across the world are waiting with baited breath to see if this new product from the house of Cadillac does live up to their expectations or not!

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