2011 Subaru XV Concept SKETCHY CARS

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Most of the car enthusiasts, who favor the Subaru XV, are waiting with bated breath for the 64th edition Frankfurt Motor Show, on the 13th of September. It would officially bring before the world the Subaru XV 2012. As of now, the Japanese automaker has been reportedly teasing the car enthusiasts with sketches of the XV they are planning to launch.

The XV concept had been given to the world in Shanghai, back in April. XV basically is the SUV’s practical side meets the fashion world. Back then the XV had received favorable feedback, with its 2L 4 cylinder horizontally opposed DOHC engine. The car had an electro yellow green body. One is simply waiting to see what hue the new Subaru XV 2012 would be colored in. the previous version also boasted of hawk like headlamps, hexagonal shapes and a roof that had panoramic glass. There also a LCD monitor placed in between the meters, in order to keep a check on the images caught by the car’s eye sight cameras. Since the crossover of the car is not a very new issue, one cannot help but wonder what the new car might have to offer. The sketches that were made public had hardly anything to offer us.

In fact, the more the automakers decide to keep mum, the crazier craving we seem to get in order to know what the car would look like and what other features have been added to it, in order to make it more futuristic. We are sure that the car lovers across the world are waiting eagerly for the 13th of September to dawn. Since most car websites have promised to have the pictures of the new SUV and the updated news up by 9.30am, we are pretty sure that car websites would get the maximum number of hits that day!

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