Honda Civic 2012 1 THE TALE OF TWO CIVICS!

Honda Civic 2012 2 THE TALE OF TWO CIVICS!

Although the Honda Civic 2012 has already found its way into the US market, it is yet to arrive in India. Car enthusiasts have not taken any strong liking towards this model. In fact, it has even been billed as even less futuristic and less appealing than its father, the Honda Civic 2011. It was quite disappointing to note that it was almost the same as its predecessor. Since the car has not yet been launched here in India, it is quite difficult to know whether the designers have indeed failed us or not.

US car models are very different from the Indian (Asian) car models. Honda Civic 2012 was launched in only in Malaysia in the continent of Asia. However, from what one can gather from the reports, the car does not seem to be poles apart from the Honda Civic 2011. From its side, people just might mistake it for the previous car. It is only the front of the car that seems remotely appealing. The back does not seem to hold anyone’s attention, although they do sport the existing LED tail lamps.

Nevertheless thanks to its very parallel looks to the Honda City i-VTEC, the Honda Civic 2012 would not gain a very high status in the Indian market, if does indeed get launched here. Car news reports does not every state clearly whether this car would see the light of day in India market, in the Auto Expo 2012. Rumor has it that Honda is busy working on another car model (Honda Brio). Chances are that this car would perhaps not even come to the Indian market. Till it does indeed get launched here, we cannot comment if it is better or worse than the previous car. The predecessor boasted of a 1.8L engine and 128 lbs of torque.

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