Wait for Perfection?

Lexusrx450h 3 Wait for Perfection?

Lexusrx450h 5 Wait for Perfection?

Lexusrx450h 4 Wait for Perfection?

Lexusrx450h Wait for Perfection?

It was in the 2008 North American International Auto show, that car enthusiasts around the world were allowed a brief glimpse into the seven-seater, dubbed LEXUS LFA Roadster. If rumors are to be believed, then this car would finally be launched into the market in mid-2014. After the first batch of 500 LFA Roadsters is completed, there would be a one year gap before they are brought into the market. So in case you weren’t one of the 500 to have owned the LEXUS LFA Coupe, which was priced at $ 400,000, you can always be one of the lucky 500 to own your very own LFA Roadster. The launch of this car has been delayed. New designs from Toyota Camry platform have been put to use in the new rendition of the RX (LEXUS RX450h), to be released in early 2014.

One might wonder what is so special about the long-rumored, seven-seater car. Well, it still retains its original 4.8L V10 power plant. It can push 560-hp and 345 – lb ft of torque. Nothing much has changed there. However, one cannot help but wonder what can be so special about this car from Toyota. Well because the company chooses to make everything about the car, right from the scratch until the very end, in house. Unlike other leading car companies, who contract devices like the gearbox out to other companies, the makers of Lexus decided to make a thorough study and provide the best for the car that is bound to be the dream car of many car enthusiasts. Nevertheless, after that one tempting glimpse back in 2008, the LEXUS LFA Roadster seemed to have completely disappeared from the market. It was Automotive News that once again brought to our notice the much awaited perfect car, from the house of Toyota.

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