2011 Nissan Super Juke – A Review

Nissan Super Juke 623x417 2011 Nissan Super Juke   A Review

In the automobile industry, the name of Japan is familiar because of the production of sophisticated easy to care cars which can be driven with pleasure. Nissan Super Juke models will be something extraordinary which will surely outperform other big brothers in the international automobile sectors. So far so good, this Japanese company has made it clear that without any failure a team of well trained experts will manufacture Juke models which will be stronger, more energy efficient and fuel economic.

The maximum horsepower being generated by the engine will be 530hp. A powerful 3.8 liter capacitated twin turbo charged V6 powertrain will be installed into the vehicle to bring more speed. The technical specifications include rear air spoilers, vents and GTR based trims to enhance the aesthete of the vehicle.

There are other excellent parts/accessories of the new super juke car which must be equipped with dampers to suck the shock to check the friction, carbon diffusers, exhaust systems and servos. The properly designed automatic transmission tool is excellent in terms of performance. It channelizes the torque smoothly to activate the car wheels.

The negative camber of the car wheels is higher with positive camber being in perfect level. The tire bands of the wheels are durable. The carbon will not be backfired from the vehicle severely. Nor will there be any cowl shake or scuttle tremor at the front part of the driver’s cockpit. The ergonomically designed steering wheel is really good for operating the car. The torque fluid is applied to insulate the servos and torque converter for enhancing speedy production of torque.

The retractable car seats of the vehicle are durable. Passengers will not be unhappy to undergo long trips by this vehicle. Finally, the rear boot lid, wagon station and tailboard lamps are all in order. The eye-catching color shades of the vehicle are amazingly brilliant and more attractive.

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