2011 Opel’s RAK e Concept

Opel RAK e Concept 1291192212 2011 Opel’s RAK e Concept

Once again we hear about the Frankfurt Motor Show. Everyone had been waiting with bated breath for the 13th September to dawn. And now that the show has commenced, we get to hear about all the automakers with their brilliant ideas,always trying to outdo one another. The latest to jump onto the bandwagon was the Opel.

It is reported that the Opel Company had made its mark by launching the RAK e concept. The model which is very rakish looking is a lightweight one and is an extremely affordable EV. It is 380 kg and doesn’t exert anything from the tailpipe even after covering 60 miles.

The Opel RAK ecan travel for 75 miles/hr, which basically thanks to a 5kWh battery. This in turn provides a 49 PS of peak power, with at least 14 PS of being constantly available.

The basic concept of the car is to provide mobility in the metropolitan areas. The car looks like little round think, thanks to the extended canopy like roof. It is three meters in length, 119 cm in height. The car is built with enough space to fit two people. It runs on battery, which takes around three hours to get fully charged.

The car also has special features where in the steering wheel, the arms rests all tip when ever they feel the driver requires it. The features can also be controlled by a smart phone we are told. One cannot help but wonder what other miraculous things these automakers would come up with, with the advent of technology.

This car has surely turned heads in the Frankfurt Motor Show, being very small and easily accessible. Opel did indeed make a nice impression at the motor show.

The pictures of the car had already preceded the complete details, when the concept had only been announced by Opel. Nevertheless, it is a treat to watch the car pictures. Here’s wishing good luck to Opel with it.

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