2011 SsangYong XIV 1 Concept 2011 SSANGYONG XIV 1 CONCEPT UNVEILED

Automobile companies prefer surprising us with teaser advertising campaigns. Hence, SsangYong is no different, first they tickled the curiosity of the prospective clients by releasing few sketches of their upcoming concept. And now they have disclosed two prominent images of the XIV – 1 concept research, at the time of Frankfurt Motor Show.

This South Korean automaker has joined hands with Indian Mahindra Group of car makers by spending US $ 12.5 billion and become a part of India. Now they have come up with the XIV – 1 concept for the premium section and have planned to capture the global market.

The images confirms that the new model is highly inspired by the Land Rover’s

Designed book and the coach doors are of exact size of the already existing Juke model from Nissan. This new model has full glass roof and pillar-less doors at both side of the car.

According to the company spokes person, this new XIV-1 model is specially designed for easy driving, with dynamic features and stylish appearance. This is the perfectly designed future generation car.

Apart from these detail, the company has not disclosed further information about this concept coupe. We are till to understand the price structure and the availability of the model in the market.

But now in the Frankfurt motor show like rest of the companies SsangYong is also busy planning for introducing something new and unique to the car lovers of the world. They have just disclosed the look and appearance of the model, but we do not know when will they finally introduce the model and people will be allowed to enjoy the test drive in this model. Hopefully, after the response of this Auto Show, the company will decide on the final launch and disclose other necessary information about the automobile.

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