volvo7700pluginhybrid2011 2011 VOLVO UNVEILED BATTERY POWERED HYBRID BUS

The name “Volvo” can be directly connected to luxury, comfort and off course long distance traveling. And now go on a long bus journey, Volvo has come up with battery powered vehicles. Thus making the journey noise free and also parting with the earlier exhaust system. This new battery powered buses are first introduced for test drives in Gothenburg and Sweden. Only three buses are currently plying on the streets.

Team Volvo today has the highest number of hybrid solution for vehicles. Globally about 250 hybrid buses are sold every year. This hybrid mechanism helps in fuel efficiency by bringing it down to 35%of consumption level. In total it reduces the fuel and energy consumption and decreases carbon dioxide emission from the vehicle.

Now with the assistance from Swedish Energy Agency, these travel buses are improvising and introducing new age plug in hybrid buses. In this plug in buses the brake power is recycled and is activated by the automatic motor. And with upgraded battery and charging system, the battery can be easily charged by the electric network.

The battery charging stations is placed at the end of the bus lines. It takes about five to ten minutes for charging and then after the bus can comfortably operated by electricity. With charge the buses can travel about ten kilometers now the company will have to work out on plying the bus amidst densely populated or heavy traffic areas. Since it is proved that the electric engine is highly efficient, the makers are not immediately thinking of introducing diesel engines to this bus.

As per the company plan, they want to introduce these buses by 2011 for testing on the roads and by 2012 autumn they will be seen on the streets with passenger traveling long distances. The making of the bus confirms that it will be costlier than diesel engine buses.

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