2012 Nuova Panda – More Fuel Economic with Updated Drive-Train Package

2012 FIAT PUNTO 2 2012 Nuova Panda – More Fuel Economic with Updated Drive Train Package

2012 FIAT PUNTO 3 2012 Nuova Panda – More Fuel Economic with Updated Drive Train Package

2012 FIAT PUNTO 2012 Nuova Panda – More Fuel Economic with Updated Drive Train Package

The introduction of Nuova Panda will surely satisfy the teenage community and oldies who like to drive fashionable cars. The one-off Nuova Panda model will be exhibited at Frankfurt Motor Show. However, it will be another addition to the list of new concept cars presented by Fiat. Fully revised Punto super-mini vehicle will be seen in the streets soon.

The company has made an official proclamation stating that the new concept vehicle will have a solid compartment with excellent interior decoration. The updated technology will be used to heighten up the performance level of the vehicle in more dynamic way. V2 Multi-Air turbo gasoline propelled powertrain will be introduced to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. The engine modification will take place to bring down the defective torque generating process which is experienced by car drivers. More power will be supplied to activate the engines and other devices in the car. This is the futuristic vehicle which is supposed to be more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

In a press note, one of the company’s official spokespersons has stated using evidentiary gloss to make it clear that the car will have more capacity to run smoothly without dampening nature. It doesn’t spew chemical rubbish. Nor is it habituated to backfire fumes and smoke laden with carbon. 6-speed gearbox has been used to upgrade the one-off model of Panda. However, it is also true that a vast experiment is yet to be done to test the efficiency level of the car. Maybe, after couple of months, experts will release few doppelgangers of this new version on a trial basis.

So far so good that Fiat management committee has taken decision to put emphasis on the interior and exterior modification of the car. Special attention has been channelized to enhance the structural charisma removing the scuttle shake, and deformity in the frontal fascia. New trapezoidal grilles, fluorescent lamp bezels with flanges and air inlets will be installed to accelerate the beauty of the vehicle. In another press brief, experts have highlighted some special areas of concern. For instance, this car will have low tendency to jerk abnormally while overstepping bumpers. Nor will there be any trace of technical disorder in street navigation system.

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