2012 Nuova Panda – A Short Car Review

Fiats 2012 nuova panda 2012 Nuova Panda   A Short Car Review

Fiats 2012 nuova panda 1 2012 Nuova Panda   A Short Car Review

Fiats 2012 nuova panda 2 2012 Nuova Panda   A Short Car Review

Fiats 2012 nuova panda 4 2012 Nuova Panda   A Short Car Review

Fiat is a world famous automaker. It has already gifted several coupes, sedans and lightweight crossovers to people. Fiat has produced diesel propelled cars back to 1986. However, in a recent interview, CEO of Fiat has told reporters that most probably by the end of 2012, Nuova Panda car will be launched to facilitate car lovers who like to drive cars with pleasures. The fact is that Nuova Panda is a concept car. Meanwhile, the company has manufactured a one-off vehicle of this Nuova model. This theme car is spacious with five-door option. The interior decoration of the car compartment is really attractive.

The technical specifications include TwinAir 0.9-liter V2 engines which offer 65hp-85hp respectively. Huge modification has been done to upgrade this futuristic vehicle. Experts have taken care of both interior and exterior designs of the car. At the frontal part of the car cabin, you will come into contact with a pair of fluorescent bezels. Flanges of these lamp bezels are strong and competent to hold fluorescent bulbs in right position. 1.3-liter capacitated Multijet diesel fueled engine is capable of producing torque in sufficient amount.

The torque generating system has undergone a massive change under the full impact of modern technology. Torque fluid is applied to servos and clutch plates for the enhancement of smooth flow of torque from the engine. Torque is multiplied after coming into contact with the torque converter. Automatic transmission supplies the torque to the wheelbases.

This new car will be eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It is seen that experts have tested different parts of the car. They will not release the car without final evaluation test. However they are optimistic about the performance of the car. The technical uniformity is also done with perfection. The dampers of the car are fully upgraded and efficient to check the friction by collecting shock. The powertrain is also an essential part of this car upgradation package. More attention will be given to upgrade the street navigation system.

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