The BMW Motorway A9 provides a comfortable driving experience. According to the Project manager of BMW, after years of research and investigation he has successfully come up with the unique automatic driving system and he has successfully covered some 5,000 kilometers while testing the mechanism of the car. While the car is covering the crowded streets or moving in great speed, the driver of the car is not at all under pressure, instead he is relaxed and enjoying the drive with his other co passenger in the vehicle.

Since the car is prepared to run automatically through rough roads or dense traffic, its sensory system and performance has mainly kept in focus. During the research they have worked on these issues and programmed it accordingly so that the vehicle reacts smoothly while running through the uneven traffic. Next come the understanding part, first it should be able to understand and locate the roads, next it should appropriately identify the other moving vehicles on the street and last but not the least it should quickly understand the objects that are close to the vehicles body. Thus the final product is a result of using a fusion of sensor technologies, like lidar, radar, ultra sound and video camera that helps in monitoring the atmosphere inside the automobile.

To identify the roads, the digital maps, the camera and indepth data of each and every local area has to be installed in the memory of the automobile. The new GPS system is very helpful in these areas. This helps is identifying the exact location and every detail very quickly and correctly. The radar sensors help in identifying if and any objects suddenly comes too close to the vehicle. And the main control mechanism with Stop & Go button supported with a laser scanner is very useful for the automatic driving BMW.

–Kreation Guru


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