Arrinera – Super Car with Aerodynamic Features

Polands Arrinera Supercar 4 Arrinera   Super Car with Aerodynamic Features

Polands Arrinera Supercar 1 Arrinera   Super Car with Aerodynamic Features

Polands Arrinera Supercar 2 Arrinera   Super Car with Aerodynamic Features

In automobile industry, Poland has proved how fast this small European country can showcase its technical excellence by manufacturing cars which are light in weight. These sophisticated vehicles are powered by lithium batteries and people can cover long distance to reach the back country driving these hi-tech vehicles.

However, Poland is not saturated after releasing sophisticated coups or crossovers. Lee, the world famous car designer and tuner has convinced his superiors by designing few cars with exceptional features. His is an inborn talent to upgrade cars which are equipped with ultra-modern tools and car tuning accessories. For instance, Ultima is the one-off vehicle which has been tuned by Lee for premiere show. Later, he also made McLarenF1 which hit the market after the successful exhibition of this doppelganger under the title of Ultima. Time is the best testimonial to his talent. It is amply explicit that he is not a man with limited expectation.

Right now Lee is very busy to work on Arrinera model which is concept vehicle. At a conference, this well known car designer has made it clear that the company will own up responsibility to release new set of doppelgangers of Arrinera models which are meant for fashionable and dandy guys. They will be excited to drive their sweet babies to enjoy car trips on weekends. The technical specifications include V8 powertrain with 6.2 liter in capacity, dampers, exhaust system, automatic transmission, light weight clutch disc hub, servos, carbon diffusers, and sound reduction system. 19inch alloy wheels are strong and durable.

In an official declaration brief, one of the spokespersons of Arrinera has divulged that the topmost speed of the vehicle will be approximately 340km/h. The sprinting time of the vehicle is 100km/h in 3.2 seconds. The special protection has been taken to make the vehicle more presentable.

Apart from the excellent technical uniformity and proper assemble of different mini-parts inside the engine compartment to produce better synergistic impact on the car, Lee has applied his innovative ideas to make the car more dynamic. Two wing shaped side doors will certainly surprise teens who like to fly across the blue Mackerel sky. The mind blowing color contrast is really attractive. The vehicle will be more colorful. There is no trace of scuttle shake at frontal part of the cockpit. You will get wonderful car upgradation kit to bring perfection to car driving with competency. The ergonomic steering wheel is to operate. The exterior fascia of the car compartment has been upgraded with fluorescent lamp bezels. The strong flanges of the bezels are capable of keeping lamps in safe. This vehicle is eco-friendly.

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