Recently all car makers are using LED lights in their model. Initially they were using the LED lights for the rear end of the vehicle but now the head lights and the daytime lights are also used from this technology. Finest carmakers are also using LED lights for enhancing the look of their models. Similarly the new BMW 6 – series coupe has used the LED lights in the most innovate manner.

According to the researches, the laser lights have many advantages. It is not only different from the natural sun light but is also unlike other common artificial lights available in the market. The laser lights are monochromatic, which means that it can emit equal sized light wave. All waves are constant or “coherent” hence the light it emit is straight and has no break in between. Therefore the laser lights suit best in today’s lifestyle.

Technically these lights can emit 1,000times better than the LEDs. The laser technology is not harmful for any human or wildlife or if installed in car. The lasers cannot produce direct light, first it is converted in to a white beam and then it is produced like a beam of light. Therefore it soothes human eyes and consumes less electricity.

Therefore its time now for the BMW automaker to install laser lights in its new models. Making it not only appears brighter but also soothing the eyes of the driver while driving through the dark street.

Hopefully in future other carmakers will use these laser lights for their car and enhance the look and performance of the lighting system. Car lighting is no more restricted to only utility purpose today the makers are using innovative style in designing the car and enhancing its appearance with variety of lights. They will surely use the laser lights in much better way and develop the look of the cars.

–Kreation Guru


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