Daihatsu unveils new Fuel – Efficient edition

Daihatsu Mira eS Daihatsu unveils new Fuel – Efficient edition

Daihatsu cars, popularly known as daughter brand of the great car makers of all time the Toyota. Today they have unveiled new version of Mira Kei model known as e:S. This new model in the small car section is upgraded with revised technologies and special mechanism to help it attain higher fuel efficiency.

According to the makers, this all new revised e:S edition is highly fuel efficient. The new engine is almost 40% more fuel efficient than any of the small cars available in the market today. The engine displacement of this car records up to 660 cc (0.6 –liter) when accelerated.

Like the rest of the automakers, Famous Japanese firm has also begun experimenting with mini car manufacturing. They too wish to enter the small car segment. But after introducing few models, they analyzed that the small cars are unnecessarily consuming too much of diesel or petrol while on the move. Now the researches began investigating, the issue was alarming, because, if small cars consume too much to fuel then the cost of maintaining such cars will go up. Hence the very expected

The all new Mira e:S is facilitated with three powerful cylinders supporting 650cc gasoline engine. This powerful engine helps to produce an output of 52 PS (51 HP) at just 6,800 rpm and 60 NM of peak torque at 5,200 rpm.

As per the Japanese carmakers, they have recorded that this all new revised edition can successfully deliver a fuel economy of 30.0 Km/L(which is about 70.5mpg in US). This figure was recorded at Japan’s JC08 Mode test cycle. The engine also achieved 32km/L (roughly 75.2 mpg US) at Japan’s 10 -15 Mode test Cycle.

This brand new revised model from Daihatsu will start below 8, 00,000 Yen in Japan (which comes to US $ 10,450 or € 6,651).

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