Eterniti discloses images of “The World’s First Super SUV”

ETERNITI HEMERA 1 Eterniti discloses images of “The World’s First Super SUV”

The independent Boutique Luxury automaker from Britain, called Eterniti Motors have decided to make a mark in the Frankfurt Motor Show which will begin next week. They have come with a sketch of a luxury SUV called the Hemera, and introduced the teaser image in the Motor Show.

The company claims their new luxury SUV model is the world’s first Super SUV. And the company representative boldly confirmed that this new model will perfectly satisfy the most demanding car buyer in the market. The new car makers from Britain say that this new Hemera is equipped with a cabin like that of a greatest luxury car of the world, Limousine specially crafted for the passengers who will sit at the back. To provide the best possible comfort they have used the twin reclining seats, ipads and minibar at the rear section of the car.

The London based car manufacturers have also confirmed that if the customer wishes for additional customization, they will do the needful. The car can be designed as per the client’s request. But this year at the Motor Show this car will be only shown in sketches and after which they will soon begin its production from early next year.

Team Eterniti has not specified any detail about this new car. They have just talked about introducing world’s best Super car and not mentioned about its technical aspect. From their behavior it is clear that before the end of the Motor Show they will not reveal any further specifications about this model. But the teaser images released, confirm that this model looks like Porche Cayenne.

The makers have thought of reworking on the chassis, with a fresh and facelift interior and introduce the carbon-composite panels on the body for better performance and steady drive at great speed.

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