Ford 2011 New Metal Special Edition with 134HP in the UK

2011 Ford Metal Special Edition Photos Ford 2011 New Metal Special Edition with 134HP in the UK

Ford has taken measures to rebuild its business portal by launching several well decorated vehicles which must be eco-friendly and energy efficient. Ford is doing its final preparation to launch the first set of sophisticated Fiesta Metal cars which are upgraded with lot of light weight tools and car tuning accessories. At first 1000 Fiesta doppelgangers will hit the market.

Fiesta Metal will be made more efficient by installing 1.6 liter capacitated Duratec petrol fueled powerplant. This powertrain will be eco-friendly with maximum capability to generate torque in sufficient amount. The 3-door based car can run smoothly without polluting air. The average horse power is 134hp whereas 160NM torque will be backfired by the engine.

The sprinting time of the vehicle is 8.7 seconds to cover 62mph. The inner decoration is superb and very fantastic. When you look at the vehicle, you will be overwhelmed to have the snapshots of both exterior and interior designs. The color contrast is excellent and up to the mark.

There are other car upgradation accessories like dampers, exhaust pipes, carbon diffusers, and a number of car tuning devices to increase the speed and beauty of the vehicles. The retractable car seats are comfortable to sit on. The leather insulated upholsters are brilliant in color shades. The speedometer, tachometer, odometer and street nav system are in perfect condition. Overall performance of this new futuristic super-mini car is remarkably excellent.

According to the experts, while taking care of the exterior design of the vehicle, experts have applied sophisticated fluorescent lamp bezels to hold the bulbs in grooves. The air inlets are properly set. The trapezoidal grilles have been fixed properly to let the air enter into the car engine compartment to cool the heated parts/accessories of the vehicle. Finally, the carbon emission tendency of this super-mini car is dramatically low. This is the vehicle which will surely satisfy dandy car lovers in the UK.

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