Japan Takes the World by Mazda’s 2011 Model

2011 Mazda Shinari 1 Japan Takes the World by Mazdas 2011 Model

2011 Mazda Shinari 2 Japan Takes the World by Mazdas 2011 Model

2011 Mazda Shinari 3 Japan Takes the World by Mazdas 2011 Model


The Mazda Shinari was a Japanese concept car that had been brought to the world this year in the Paris Motor Show. It was known for introducing Mazda’s new corporate design called ‘Kodo’ (soul of motion). It is a four door sports car coupe, and from what we gather it looks quite dynamic and luxurious. The Mazda Company is said to have improved the interiors in order to attract more buyers to the car.

The Mazda Shinari lives up to the name it has been given. It does indeed look pretty strong and flexible, and is a car which seems to have a formidable strength, like that of steel and bamboo (we can assume).

It has the complete looks of a sporty car, and the interior is very elegant. The car has put in a lot of thought behind both the driver and the passengers comfort. There are plenty of spaces in the cockpit for the driver, to focus on his driving. This makes the Mazda Shinari a perfect car for an athletic, busy concentrating on only his own craft.

The passenger seats provide plenty of leg space, as well, making them comfortable. We are told that Mazda has been studying its previous cars in order bring complete luxury to their buyers.

The signature style of this company has not been done away with, we find. It has the same front grille design, and proud lineages.

Even though the internet has been flooded with pictures of the car, we are yet to see the launch of the final product. Car lovers are even speculating what the price of this car would be like. Nevertheless, they love what Mazda has put forward in their own websites. Thus most users put in comments that claim they want to buy the car as soon as it is available.

Since Mazda has spent a lot of time researching the perfect car, here’s hoping they don’t fail to disappoint us.

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