Merdad creates a new avatar for the 2011 McLaren MP4-12C

merdads tuned mclaren mp4 12c to be called mehron gt Merdad creates a new avatar for the 2011 McLaren MP4 12C

The Frankfurt Motor show 2011,which commences later this month, is already buzzing with excitement. The prospect of all the major players in the automobile industry showcasing their recent break throughs in technology, the latest in designs and performance based upgrades. The latest news to come out from the rumour mill is the much-anticipated unveiling of the Mclaren MP4-12CC. However there lies a twist in the tale as the British automobile giants won’t be unveiling it as expected.The British tuning company Merdad, which is usually associated with other models such as the Porsche Cayennes has done a touch up job on the MclarenMP4-12CC and the results do look really impressive.

The original model from Mclaren has a very sleek and diminutive look, which in some quarters might be mis-interpretedas the model being lightweight in performance and stability. Merdad has made efforts to provide a solution to this problem. They have made notable changes to the exterior of the model with a body kit that provides the necessary muscle. Other models seem to be the inspiration behind the installation of anew splitter that appears right in the front of the car. Modifications have also been made to the sides and the earlier twin-gill design has been done away with, instead now you have a spectacular looking single vent that has a fluidity right from the front to the back of the car. Changes have also been made at the rear end of the car, where new vents and colour cued diffusers provide the much required “oomph” that is expected from brand Mclaren as a leading name in the formula One circuit.

Although the news of the unveiling hasn’t officially been announced yet, we can expect it to be there at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. All ready to turn heads in the direction of this beauty.

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