Minorchanges for 2012 Holden Commodore

2012 Holden SSV Redline sedan 1 Minorchanges for 2012 Holden Commodore

Team Holden has been working on a special model which they have decided to disclose sometime later. According to the engineering department of Holden, they are working hard for developing a third generation Commodoredubbed VF. This model is expected to premiere with nest two to three years. But while manufacturing this model, the engineers took a break and created the facelift version of already existing current version.

The 2012 car model has been slightly upgraded. There are some minor enhancements in both the exterior and the interior of the car. In addition to these upgradation the highly inspired FE3 sports suspension tracks has been installed in this series.

The exterior of the edition is highly inspired by the accents chrome model. The all new16inch seven spoke alloy wheels are installed in the car. Apart from intruding stylish features, the company has also come up with two new exterior shades,the Perfect Blue and Chlorophyll.

Interior of the Holden is perfectly enhanced with silver stitching offered along with other options of Onyx and Razor leather covered interior elegance. The interiorcontrol is further updated with the iQ multimedia system that is attuned with the latest smartphones available in the market.

This beautiful car is on its way to the market. But the company has yet not disclosed the model technical details and the pricing structure of the same. Hopefully they will soon fix the price of the facelift version and reveal the price of the model. The company spokesperson also said that they are working on the model to come up either next year or in 2013 which completely depends on the production firm. But whatever is the final outcome. They promised of introducing the most awaiting model in a very short period.

So car lovers across the world can now wait for the upcoming model from Holden.

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