New 2011 Fisker Surf Concept to be unveiled in Frankfurt Show

Fisker Surf 1 CSP 2 New 2011 Fisker Surf Concept to be unveiled in Frankfurt Show

The name Fisker is new in the automobile market. It is a recent firm established by the former BMW designer. Once he has come up with his company, he has decided to come up with best looking cars that the world has ever seen. Earlier he has designed for the BMW Company but once he is on his own, he is ready to introduce his best Surf concept to the world in a very short period.

Team Fisker has released few sketch images of their new Surf concept, that they have planned to introduce to the world automobile market next week in the 64th IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt at Germany.

As you know that this new automobile company, Fisker is owned by Henrik Fisker the former BMW designer, he has decided to release very little information about this new concept. He has just informed that the new Surf is a result of a thorough research, and this new model will be a fully automatic vehicle. This electric vehicle will have absolute range (Ever) capability like that of the four-door Karma Sports Saloon edition.

This new Surf will be the head turner in the automobile market. According to the company spokes person the unique combination of the dependable and stunning design will surely make a mark in the Auto Show.

The sketch images that are released clearly shows that this car is equipped with a three door system. The body of the car is sleek and stunning. But to know more about the model, the prospective car connoisseurs will have to wait till the Motor Show begins on the 13th of September.

In the IAA Motor Show, the designer will disclose all the necessary details of the car. Once people get the opportunity of experiencing the live model, they will be introduced to the technical specifications and all other information one can womder about a new car in the market.

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