New NSX and 2012 Civic Type R Models to Be Backfired to Market Soon

HONDA HSC New NSX and 2012 Civic Type R Models to Be Backfired to Market Soon

Honda CEO named Takanobu Ito has made an official declaration stating that the new vehicle will be seen in the streets very soon as his management team is taking special preparation to tune new NSX and 2012 Civic Type R models to lessen the troubles faced by car owners.

In a press brief, the CEO has announced that the company will be no longer trailing behind. The introduction of theme car will be more dynamic, attractive and colorful. The eco-friendly features of the vehicle are more powerful and energy efficient. The fuel economy of the new futuristic vehicle is comparatively better. The one-off car model will be gifted to auto exhibition center for display. Like CR-Z car model, the installation of hybrid power-plant/powertrain will be completed with perfection. The vehicle upgradation program will be done by a team of experts who are experienced to accelerate the efficiency of the new futuristic vehicle.

On the other hand, there will be another new car model under the brand name of 2012 Civic Type R car model. This futuristic car model is more environment-friendly and energy efficient. The inner portion of the car compartments of the vehicles is highly decorated. Inside the cockpit of the vehicle, engineers will install street nav system, odometer, tachometer, speedometer and climate checking tools. Extra care will be taken to upgrade the electronic infotainment system. The aesthetic appeal of the car is excellent. Exterior surface of the capsule of the car has been painted in mind blowing color shades. In spite of the introduction of only one-off car models for exhibition purposes, the company will soon release a set of doppelgangers of both new models to outperform rivals in auto industry.

Technical configurations of both concept car models are supposed to be conducted by a group of experts who have been empowered to apply their innovative modern techniques to accelerate the competency of the vehicles. Automatic transmission, dampers, exhaust tube, carbon diffusers, and drive-train tools have been installed into the engine compartment for better performance.

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