Project Kahn Recreates Land Rover’s DC100 Concept for Frankfurt show

 Project Kahn Recreates Land Rovers DC100 Concept for Frankfurt show

The name Land Rover needs no introduction in the automobile market. Customers of all ages appreciate this model. Today the company spokesperson said in a press conference that they have planned to come up with enhanced versions specially worked upon by the renowned Project Kahn firm. Land Rover will be introducing its iconic Defender with DC 100 version in Frankfurt. They will now introduce the facelift version of this model that is specially manufactured by the British firm Project Kahn. The firm has already started planning various ways of upgrading the model.

This firm has always wished to work on enhancing this model, and to begin with they first want to add the standard multi-spoke wheels made of alloy to this model. This will be painted in white shade unlike the regular black hue.

In their following plan, they wish to add a deep orange shade for the top roof. They also planned to enhance the appearance of the model by adding mirrors and front air vent panel, and rails on the roof as a tire carrier.

The firm also decides to introduce a duel color tone besides the new alloy wheels, top rails and repositioning of tire from the back end to the roof top.

Finally they have also proposed of adding a military themed model which shall be facilitated with a small pickup truck bed.

It is yet to be disclosed that whether these enhancements will be possible before the show or not. Or the firm has just proposed for such enhancements.

The company has planned to introduce this proposal detail in the Frankfurt Motor Show. But the car maker has not disclosed the new price of this facelift version. The company spokesperson confirms that they will soon disclose all the necessary information about this enhanced version, once things are finalized.

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