SKODA’s New Concept

SKODA 0 SKODA’s New Concept

Skoda is all set to unveil its latest concept, a small sedan, in the Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept that would be brought before the world has been named the MissionL Concept. It is the sixth in the line of models launched by the Czech company. Its predecessors have been Fabia, Octavia, Classic and Yeti.

This sedan is supposed to be similar in size to the Focus Sedan, and is a C-segment model. The Focus sedan is the missing link between the Fabia and the Octavia. In fact, the new model is apparently a five door coupe with a lift back body structure.

The Chairman of Skoda, Dr. Winfried Valhand, has said that this new model shows exactly what the Skoda Company is aiming it, and it also would show the world at the world premiere exactly in what heights the company wishes to reach.

He also said the company plans to bring forth a new concept car every six months. This is because they wish to reach 1.5 million sales worldwide by 2018. This move of theirs has been termed “model offensive”.

But coming back the MissionL Concept, the Skoda Company plans to launch the car in Europe, Russia and China. Each of these markets would obviously have their own specifications for the car. In fact, a very special model is going to be offered in the Indian market.

In light of the company’s wish to reach a certain figure of worldwide sales, they have planned to launch the Yeti SUV in China in 2013. The production of the car would also take place in China itself. In fact, the company has planned to join hands with the VW group’s joint venture with GAZ and have production of the Yeti in Russia.

This ensures the company’s production capacity increases. The company has also begun increase in production in their home base as well. Car enthusiasts must be waiting eagerly for the Frankfurt Motor show to find out, exactly what they have in mind.

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