THE SUPER CAR – 2011 Rimac Automobili Concept

2011 Rimac Automobili Concept 2 THE SUPER CAR   2011 Rimac Automobili Concept

2011 Rimac Automobili Concept 3 THE SUPER CAR   2011 Rimac Automobili Concept

More stories about the Frankfurt Motor Show to be held on 13th of September 2011,continues to come our way. The most recent is the anticipation one has about seeing the Rimac Automobili Concept One being unveiled in front of the whole world. From what we gather, it is an electric hyper car. It is all set to be brought before the world at 3pm, and we have also been told to hope that there is some heated neck pads kept handy for us. A number of whiplashes have been predicted which could possibly need treating.

The journalists present would not be offered free rides of 60 miles per hour to Messe. But they would still manage to injure themselves. Because it is not a common thing to see a battery powered super car. The much awe and wonder would cause the people present in the motor show to crane their necks around so much, that there will be no way to escape injuries.

The car has been reported to make 1088 horsepower and 2800 pound-feet torque, which can take one up to 190 miles per hour. And before your mind begins to spin as you absorb all these information, the computer steps in and takes hold of your firmly.

Hard to imagine such a car being produced from a country that has no automotive industry. This Creation company does not merely stop by passing on random information about its supercar. They have even made the pictures of this brilliant concept available online.One can only imagine the uproar it has caused.

Not many days are left since the day of the grand finale. We can only go to the Frankfurt Motor Show, and hope that the company does indeed live up to the promises it has made us so far.

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