Toyota to Launch 2011 Mini Pixi Cars

Toyota Pixis Space 2 Toyota to Launch 2011 Mini Pixi Cars

Toyota is not a newcomer in the automobile industry. In terms of performance, this company has proved its unique involvement to produce energy efficient easy to drive vehicles at most comfortable prices. However, Toyota is always craving for extra. It loves exploration to find new ways for reaching the zenith of popularity in the international arena. Toyota is a Japanese firm which has earned lot of appreciations to manufacture cars which provide excellent services to people. Now this company is looking for entering into a new arena in the automobile sector. Mini-cars are good and very sophisticated. You can operate these vehicles to cover good distance without wallowing in the stream of troubles.

Pixi Space manufactured by the subsidiary of Toyota will hit the market soon for helping young sweethearts to undergo romantic ventures with their fianc├ęs by traveling dream cars to make elopement. This superb mini-car will be available in shapes of L and X base models with Custom X, G and RS as sportier models.

Custom RS Pixis Space is equipped with eco-friendly 660c turbo-powerplant. This is power station is fueled by gasoline product which lowers the risk of air contamination. This car is tiny in size. However, in terms of compact structural elegance, it outperforms its rivals. The inner space of the vehicle has been utilized brilliantly. This is the car which can be operated easily.

The automatic transmission is capable of transferring torque to rear wheels of the car for perfect activation. There are other technical features of this new car model like energy efficient dampers, carbon diffusers, exhaust system and clutching disc hubs. The torque fluid is high in quality which is applied to the servos and clutch disc plates to ensure the smooth torque generating process. The automatic transmission is durable. Torque converting system multiplies this applied force in the activation of the car wheels properly.

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