Volkswagen’s Buggy Up for IAA 2011

2011 Volkswagen Buggy Up Concept Volkswagen’s Buggy Up for IAA 2011

2011 Volkswagen Buggy Up Concept 2 Volkswagen’s Buggy Up for IAA 2011

2011 Volkswagen Buggy Up Concept 1 Volkswagen’s Buggy Up for IAA 2011

At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show team Volkswagen apart from it new UP MINI it has also planned to introduce a number of concept cars in the small car section. They have thought of introducing an array of small cars for the city streets.

The all new Buggy Up is the most interesting model among the lot.This model is highly inspired by the Beetle, the original small car for the people. Beetle has once introduced a model in the same name in the year 1960 at California. Today Volkswagen pays tribute to the master car makers of all time.

The edition is extremely light weight with elaborate enhancements in the body structure and has a roll bar fitted just behind the double seats.This feature makes up the unavailability of the roof and doors in the car.

This new model is 3,584 mm long and 1,672 mm wide. The brand new Buggy Up! is a little longer and wider than the original hatchback model it is inspired from. This new two seater car rides strongly on the 18 inch allot wheels that are perfectly wrapped with 205/40 tires.

Since the manufacturer has designed it has a perfect beach model. They have specially made the interior of the car completely waterproof. The specially designed floor drains and open side sills to prevent the car from flooding while moving in water. Thus when you will drive the car on the sea beach you get the perfect fun of the drive in water.

As per the German automaker, they are prepared to introduce these unique concept cars to the world that the auto markets have never seen before. And amidst all these they are talking highly of the Buggy UP! Concept.

Thus for the first time the small car lovers will have an array of choices and hopefully they will fin d some of the best cars in this years IAA 2011.

–Kreation Guru


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