Volkswagen Phaeton Due In 2015 revised edition

2011 volkswagen phaeton 100310868 l Volkswagen Phaeton Due In 2015 revised edition

After the success of Volkswagen Phaeton on its introduction last summer the company has planned to come with a luxurious big size model by 1015. As the end of the earlier ill-Phaetoned run in the U.S., there have been many rumors of its comeback. In spite of exiting America, the Phaeton has sold all over the world. In other places it is sold and as per the American beliefs it hasn’t been dead, just gone. The third generation of the car will hit the market in the year 2015 as reported by a Car Magazine.

From the launching plan of the company we can expect that this model will be a 2016 model that will be equipped with upgraded technicalities to suit the roads in the year 2016. The revised edition will be highly inspired by the modular platforms from Audi, with “wide-ranging” use of aluminum and plug-in fusion options both possibly. A five-door coupe alternative, very similar to BMW’s 5-Series GT, or perhaps more correctly, the Audi A7, could also expect from the new Phaeton.

But it is still a mystery, that how this new car model will be able to make its place in the market amidst existing Volkswagen Group vehicles. Though, the company have disclosed it plan of 2016, yet they have revealed nothing about its form factor and price structure of this edition.

According to the company reports, the design of this new model is almost decided. The exterior appearance was planned to be revealed in the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this month, but later the plan was changed to keep the airwaves exclusive. In its place, the Phaeton preview, dubbed Concept D, was premiered some where else. May be in Los Angeles?

Whatever is the case, we will continue keeping in touch with the company in order to bring more updated information about the car.

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